industrial 3D model Fan motor rotor processing line


    This is industrial 3D model Fan motor rotor processing line, fully automatic rotor handling production line of a miniature motor, can be opened with three-dimensional software such as SolidWorks2014, including copies Technical drawing, complete parts and detailed structure. An automatic assembly and polishing line equipment for micromotors on household appliances was used at the customer’s site. Complete set of drawings. Device Specifications Category. Specifications Overall size of the whole machine: 380011001800 Input voltage: AC 220V 50Hz

    Full machine capacity: 3KW 7A Machine weight: ≈400kg Inlet air source pressure: 0.5-0.7 Mpa Air pressure gas consumption: ≈20L/min Production efficiency (C/ T): ≤4/PCS Equipment loading rate: ≥95% (including loading and unloading, machine adjustment, etc.) Machining method: automatic feeding, automatic feeding, automatic polishing, automatic oil injection , automatic impeller assembly, automatic gilding, auto bleaching. This equipment is a fully automatic rotor machining production line for Zhongshan Midea miniature motor. It is mainly used for assembling motor rotor and impeller and automatic gold water filling. The whole process is completely automated. First, insert the rotor into the entry of the slide and take it out. The transmission assembly and material polishing both run synchronously. It can be adapted to the assembly of a variety of similar motor propellers with blades of different lengths. The propeller dome material is loaded by a vibrating plate. Into the rotor, this drawing is complete and includes a complete set of technical drawings and a BOM list, which can be downloaded by friends who like this set. and find out
    Industry use: Equipment
    3D model Design software: SolidWorks
    3D model Version/edit:
    3D model File format:Sldprt Sldasm SLDDRW

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