Become a Freelancer

To become a Freelancer, you just need to click here, and fill in all necessary information, after becoming a Freelancer, your Profile will be displayed in the Engineer List, you will be automatically registered by the system to become a Freelancer, and you can List your Service and your Project.
Please fill in Profile information accurately so that Client can contact you when your skills match the requirements.

Freelancers and Clients can update Profile in Settings

You can view your earnings and payment requests in the Dashboard

Freelancer can only go to Project Dashboard when there is a project

The project list and service list you have listed will be displayed at Service List.

The Client’s request list will be displayed in the Request list when a Client posts a request

After Freelancer and the Client have discussed the requirements and proceed with the project, the Client will make a deposit for the Machine-World platform by paying for the service that Freelancer has listed, or by accepting the Freelancer’s Offer in the Client’s Request list, then we will proceed with Project Creation, and create a project contract. 

In Project Dashboard, Freelancer can fill in the terms and conditions previously agreed between you and the Client, then send it to the Client for confirmation.

After you complete the project and send it to the Client, you will be paid by the Machine-World platform when the Client confirms the project is completed as in the contract. If within 14 days from the date the Freelancer sent the project to the Client but the Client does not respond, it will be considered that the project has been confirmed by the Client to be completed and the Machine-World platform will transfer money to the Freelancer.

In case the Freelancer believes that the Freelancer has completed the project according to the signed contract but the Client does not agree, Freelancer and the Client can negotiate to make a final decision. If a final decision is still not made, the platform Machine-World will base on the contract to make the final decision whether to transfer money to the Freelancer or refund the Client.

Everything will be based on contract, so Freelancer and Client must fill out the full terms and conditions in the contract. The decision of the Machine-World platform based on the contract is final and will not be changed for any reason.

To use the Machine-World platform, Freelancers and Clients must not exchange contact and payment information with each other.

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