Platform Fees

1. FREELANCER PLATFORM FEE : 20% per transaction

We will charge you a Platform Fee based on the total Freelancer Fees invoiced by you to your Client (less any refunds or reversals) for the duration of your relationship with your Client. The Platform Fee is a flat 20% of the total Freelancer Fees you have invoiced to your Client. 

For example: If a Freelancer signs a contract with a Client for a project price 100usd, the Freelancer will receive 80usd, Platform Fee is 20usd, Freelancers will receive money when the Freelancer has completed the project exactly as stated in the contract with the client. Otherwise, the money will be returned to the client.

Freelancers have the right to request their available funds if they reach the minimum threshold of 50usd.

2. CLIENT PLATFORM FEE : 5% per transaction

In return for providing Clients with access to the Site and related Site Services, Machine-World charges Clients a Platform Fee is 5% on each transaction related to a marketplace Service Contract or Project Catalog offering a Client enters into on the Site or with Freelancers on the Site. 

For example: If the Customer signs a contract with Freelancer with a project price of 100usd, the Customer will have to transfer 105usd, the Platform Fee is 5usd, 100usd is a deposit to the Machine-World platform, this 100usd deposit will only be sent to the Freelancer when the Freelancer has completed the project exactly as stated in the contract with the client. If not, this 100usd deposit will be refunded to the client.

If the project is divided into many milestones, the deposit will be the amount of the first milestone. After completing the first milestone, the client can continue to deposit for the next milestone. If you want to continue working with this Freelancer

Platform fees will not be refunded for any reason.

After completing the project in Project Dashboard, Freelancer goes to Home Page => My Account => Received Order => select project order number => Click Deliver

The system will record that the Freelancer has sent the project distribution to the client. 

For the client, the client can go to Home Page => My Account => Order => select project order number => Click Complete, reject or Dispute

If the client clicks to complete, the Freelancer will receive payment from the system. 

If the client clicks Reject or Dispute, the Freelancer needs to discuss with the client which part was not achieved request for a final decision, if after discussion with the client there is still no final decision, the Machine-World platform will base on the confirmed contract to make the final decision to refund to the client or transfers money to Freelancer.

Within 14 days from the date the Freelancer clicks Deliver, if the client does not have any response, the system considers the client to have agreed that the project is completed and the money will be disbursed to the Freelancer.

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