About Machine-World platform

Machine-World is a platform for Freelancers and Clients focusing on the field of industrial machinery, our desire is to connect talented Freelancers and Client.

With many years of experience in the field of industrial machinery design, we hope to leverage our experience to create economic opportunities for truly talented Freelancers and Clients operating in the machinery industry.

How the platform works

At the Machine-World platform:

– Freelancers can list project files they have completed for sale, or can list their skills for clients to hire them.

– Clients can Post a Request for Freelancers with appropriate skills to Make an offer. If the Client agrees with a Freelancer’s offer, the Client will make a deposit to the Machine-World platform to create a contract project.

After the Client finds a suitable Freelancer, the Client will make a deposit to the Machine-World platform, a contract recording the Client’s project requirements will be created and will be sent to the Client for confirmation to officially initiate the project, when the Freelancer completes the project and delivers it to the Client, the Client will check the project and confirm approval, then the Machine-World platform will disburse money to the Freelancer. Otherwise, the Client’s money will not be disbursed to the Freelancer until the Freelancer completes the requirements stated in the contract.

If the Freelancer has completed the project as stated in the contract but the Client still does not agree to confirm, Client and Freelancer can agree to make a decision, if there is still no final decision, the Machine-World platform will evaluate based on the contract, and decide whether to disburse money to Freelancer or refund money to Client.

Based on contract, the Machine-World platform’s decision will be final.

Everything will be based on the contract, so Client and Freelancer please discuss and clearly state the requirements in the contract before proceeding with the project.

When a Client purchases a Freelancer service project type, a project will be automatically created for the Freelancer and the Client.

Freelancers can only access the Project Dashboard when there is a project on the Machine-World platform

About how to use project functions, please read at Project User Guide

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