industrial 3D model Automatic cell phone battery assembly machine


    industrial 3D model Automatic cell phone battery assembly machine (with detailed PDF instruction included)
    Load battery tray, controller plus visual capture to locate battery, controller plus sight to reposition mobile phone, grab and place mobile phone in press immobilizer and automatically compensate the position of the battery.
    Place the mobile phone alternately manually from F and send it to B for positioning using the mobile phone feeder module. At the same time, the robot starts up, goes to B to tear off the adhesive film, throws it in the waste film box at F, takes the battery from the tray at A and puts it in B, assembles it into the mobile phone ; battery in
    B After being assembled into the mobile phone, the robot and the mobile phone are taken and sent to the rolling device at C for left and right rolling (the rolling mill is loaded and rolled alternately); after the rolling operation at C is completed will be put in
    the mill finished product is picked up and put on the conveyor belt of the OK\NG feeding module at D, in which the upper part is the NG conveyor and the lower part is the OK conveyor;

    the conveyor of the OK\NG feed module at D delivers the finished product to the feeder E Bit, (the NG conveyor is red, the OK conveyor is green, to avoid mixing).
    1 is the position where the Tray is full, manually loaded. After the manual loading is completed, the device automatically sends it to two picking locations for the robot to pick up. After the material on the 2 Tray is used up, the unit will move the Empty Tray to the 3rd position. After accumulating enough number of empty trays placed at the 3 positions, it will be sent to the 4 unloading positions. tray is empty and is manually removed. The 5th place is the trash can, when the adhesive film of the mobile phone is torn off and the number of throws reaches the rated number, it will be cleaned by the workers.
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