industrial 3D model High precision chip card assembly machine


    This is industrial 3D model High precision chip card assembly machine. The structure of this device is designed by SW2016 and includes editable part features. 3D model This device has high requirements for the accuracy of the chip placement and angle, but not for the efficiency of the device. The whole machine has three cameras. Compared with the traditional machine, except for the tip In addition to the characteristics of linear motion, there is an additional camera that can reposition the chip, which avoids the change of angle and position caused by the chip suction nozzle. According to the size of the chip, the accuracy of chip position can be kept in the range of plus or minus 12 ~ 20um.Meet the TO packing requirement of product quality. Weight and power: about 800kg, 220 VAC; power: 2000W; air pressure and delivery method: 4bar ≤P≤6 bar, air extrusion type and glue type are optional; chip: 0.2mm x0.2mm ~ 1mm x 1mm; Loading chip: 6-inch WAFER disc with extension ring or TRAY disc; video system: 3 visual positioning systems for WAFER discs, 2 visual positioning systems for TRAY discs; Control method: industrial computer; UPH: 1000~2000 PCS; Chip paste accuracy: ±20 cells, within ±0.5°. Contains popular editable formats STP and UG.
    Industry use:Mechanical equipment Medical equipment Digital electronics Mold tooling
    3D model Design software: SolidWorks
    3D model Version/edit:SolidWorks2016 [editable, no parameters]
    3D model file format:step(stp) Sldprt Sldasm x_t