industrial 3D model Throttle valve assembly machine


    This is industrial 3D model Throttle valve assembly machine .This equipment is an automatic assembly machine for auto valve parts, throttle valves, slide valves and switches, which can assemble 800-1000 pieces per hour. Valve products and equipment are divided into two machines. The first is the pre-assembly of products, and the other machine is the final assembly machine. The second two machines complete the assembly of more than ten parts. The operating mode of the equipment is turntable type. It consists of 10-station and 12-station turntable division structure. The machine is pre-installed as a 12-station turntable. First, each accessory is manually placed into the vibration plate for feeding and distribution. The vibration plate is transmitted through the shape Different products are customized, so you can see from the picture whether the vibration plate is large or small, and that is also because the product specifications are different. After the material is fed from the vibrating plate, it is feeding and distributing. Here, the feeding is uniform. The direct vibration of vibrating feeding also works together with the vibration. The material distribution mechanism is different. The shape of the product is different. Rotate to position the material, using CCD visual positioning method for more difficult material, so the structure in this line basically includes the structure and method commonly used in automation equipment This, therefore, each station corresponds to different product assembly, the product after distributing the material is directly lifted by the operator onto the turntable for assembly, one station is completed and turns to the next station to in turn complete the pre-installation of all accessories and when completed After completing these operations, the unloading operator will pick up the semi-finished product Put on the conveyor belt and transport from one machine to another. When the sensor in the conveyor belt detects the incoming product, it begins clamping the semi-finished product to the rotating disc in the final assembly machine to assemble the overall product. The turntable includes 10 stations. Distribute a station corresponding to a type of accessory for assembly until all accessories are assembled and then unloaded, and the finished product is clamped into the unloading box by the unloading machine. Above are all the operating principles and operating procedures of this equipment, 700BM after unpacking, it can also be used to make similar products, and only need to make small changes to transform another device.

    Industrial use: Mechanical equipment

    Design software: SolidWorks 2014

    file format: Sldprt Sldasm