industrial 3D model PACK soft pack power battery module assembly line


    This is industrial 3D model PACK soft pack power battery module assembly line. The body of the line is a 3D image of the PACK soft-pack power battery module assembly line, also known as the VDA battery assembly line. The 3D model of the device is designed using SolidWorks 2016 software. Parameters The structure of the 3D model of the device all the drawings can be modified.This line is mainly developed for the soft pack power battery module.The body of the chain is divided into three parts and 1 cell is processed. management, assembly of 2 modules, assembly of 3 modules, the principle process of the device line body includes, 1. Load cell, automatic load cell (manual tear film), tear film two sides of cell protective film, cell material delivery frequency > 20 minutes, use small AGV trolley with plastic frame side material to feed material, 2 . Scan battery cell code, read battery cell barcode, record MES system, read battery cell input material parameter, 3. Check battery cell, measure anode and cathode Internal resistance, side voltage and polarity judgment, record the MES system and compare with the parameters of the incoming battery, automatically discharge the defective products, the system records the defective items and can correspond to the barcode, 4. Cut tabs, according to the processing requirements Positive and negative cut tabs,

    5. Tab shaping, mainly to prevent the deformation of the tabs of the battery cell, 6. The cell discharge, the cell discharge is sent to the module assembly, and the cells are used for 1P/2P is to be shipped to the respective module The assembly is divided into two channels, including the defective product discharge station and the defective products will not be cut. > 20 min, 8. Module assembly, 1P sequence is: cell – support plate, 2P sequence is: cell – support plate – umbrella, 9. Partition assembly, cell module assembly, 10, cell to case, Module cell is assembled into aluminum case, 11. End cap group welding, 2000W laser welding end cap, 11. Battery insulation test, single cell insulation test after welding, test check the total positive and negative voltage internal resistance of the module; test insulation, group resistance in positive and negative voltage, test voltage withstand of positive and negative terminals and insulation of metal frame , input system, can track, discharge defective products, mold qualified products and group coding,

    , 12. Pressing and assembling, 13. Stacking cells, assembling and stacking small module cells, stacking modules as required, distinguishing positive and negative poles, with flip and rotate function, Combination method: 1P12S/2P6S/3P4S/4P3S stacking method: 1P*12/(1P+ 2P )*4/(1P+2P+1P)*3, with foam padding between the cell and the plot, pay attention to distinguish anode and cathode and insulation protection when stacking modules 14 Assembling and welding metal frames, base modules and modules Installing protective plates and laser welding, 4000W laser continuous welding, yes the number of welds can be appropriately increased to improve reliability, penetration > 1.2mm (vertical peel force > 300N) 15. Busbar copper connection, 16. Offline module detection, the whole line equipment includes all the soft pack VDA battery assembly process and device structure to perform different functions. It is very good for the process and structural design of power battery, especially is the shock welding of the end cap of the battery and the transmission and handling structure of the battery. Very good design. The front part of the device is dual channel, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the whole line. The loading of various accessories is compatible with the AGV trolley load.
    Industry use:Equipment
    3D model Design software: SolidWorks
    3D model Version/edit:2016 Editable, with parameters】
    3D model File format: Sldprt Sldasm