industrial 3D model Lithium battery vacuum liquid sprayer


    This is industrial 3D model Lithium battery vacuum liquid sprayer This equipment is mainly used for general-purpose automatic liquid sprayer for mobile phone soft pack lithium-ion batteries and power batteries. The main process is the automatic filling and sealing process. Performs the functions of weighing before filling, filling, vacuum sealing, heating and packaging after filling, classifying defective products and discharging soft packaging batteries. Relatively high efficiency. Cutting and other processes are automated. Starting from front loading, circulation device, to liquid injection station, three-stage static, vacuum packaging, unloading. First, inject -96~ into the battery compartment before injecting the high vacuum -100kPa liquid; Second, maintain differential pressure laminar flow injection during liquid injection, avoid liquid nozzle spraying and spraying, and set up multiple suction and squeezing cycles after liquid injection. To prevent excessive evaporation of the electrolyte, the pump pressure is set at -65 ~ -76kPa; Since the vacuum needs to be drained before liquid injection and the vacuum needs to be low during the pumping cycle after liquid injection, to increase the stability of the equipment, four sets of vacuum systems, three vacuum pumps and four specially added tanks. A set of vacuum system includes a TRP24 vacuum pump for high vacuum pumping; The other set of vacuum system includes two TRP48 vacuum pumps and adopts vacuum differential pressure liquid injection process to ensure the precision of liquid injection, Completely permeate the electrolyte, taking into account Clean production and easy equipment maintenance

    Industrial use: Equipment

    Design software: SolidWorks 2022

    file formats:step (stp), xt, SLDASM, SLDPRT