industrial 3D model Lithium battery vacuum liquid pump


    This is industrial 3D model Lithium battery vacuum liquid pump This equipment is mainly used for automatic liquid injection machine for soft pack lithium-ion batteries of mobile phones and power batteries. The main process is automatic filling and sealing process. Realize the functions of weighing before filling, automatic filling, automatic standing, automatic vacuum sealing, automatic heating and packaging after filling, automatic classification of defective products, discharge automatic and other functions for soft packaging batteries. The machine is relatively high, designed in a one-in-six structure, the cutting process and other processes are all automated. Starting from front loading, fixed circulation, to liquid injection station, three-stage static, vacuum packaging, unloading, complete structure, frame using square welding and aluminum shield, as can be seen Seen from the hidden figure, the internal structure is very complex. High vacuum -100kPa; Second, maintain pressure differential laminar flow injection during liquid injection, avoid spraying and spraying liquid nozzles, Simultaneously set up multiple vacuum and pressure cycles after liquid injection. To avoid excessive evaporation of the electrolyte, the vacuum pressure is set at -65 ~ -76kPa; be discharged before pumping the liquid, and the vacuum degree needs to be low during the pumping cycle after pumping the liquid, to increase the stability of the equipment, four sets of vacuum systems, three vacuum pumps and four storage tanks specially added. pour until it’s full. A set of vacuum system includes a TRP24 vacuum pump for high vacuum pumping; The other set of vacuum system includes two TRP48 vacuum pumps and adopts the international advanced vacuum differential pressure liquid injection process to ensure the liquid precision, stable production and battery complete permeation. full electrolyte, taking into account clean production and easy equipment maintenance Industrial use: Equipment Design software: SolidWorks Version/edit:2016 file format:step (stp)

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