industrial 3D model Battery canning machine


    This is industrial 3D model Battery canning machine. This device is used to test and scan 18650 batteries. This high speed classifier can sort 8500-10000 batteries in one hour and it tests 10 batteries at the same time. The equipment can be divided into 10 booths. The equipment is mainly composed of the following parts: 1. The feed tank unit, the feed mechanism and the inlet tank are made of Bakelite and have a special feed box. Simply place the supply box in place of the upper supply tray manually, but pull out the lower stopper. The feeding is very convenient and will not jam the material. The motor drives the tooth grooves and coils them into the pin sequentially and transports them to the buffer belt 2. The feeding mechanism uses a PVC belt to transport the cell. The top of the cell has a cover to prevent the cell from running out so that the cell can easily enter the test position.3 .Test the conveyor mechanism.Material mechanism is set up, when the number of sensors the asymptotic variable is ten enough. Start OCV test and arrange cells 4. The sorting operation mechanism mainly consists of screw mechanism and cylinder clamping mechanism. When the detector is finished, the worker goes down and sucks the battery cells to the battery. The battery suction core mechanism uses a magnet to suck because the 18650 battery cells can be attracted by electromagnetic force, so the worker goes down and sucks 10 battery cells at the same time.5. Sorting mechanism, after the cells are sucked up, the XY-axis screw rods are precisely placed into each gear, and then transported out along the sorting belt. There are 10 sorting belts, represent the cells of the 10 corresponding gears. Feeding time is controlled by 10 groups of suction structures. When checking which gear cell should be placed on which belt, the cell held by the cylinder driving magnet will be released when the magnet releases. On what straps does it fall off and does the belt flow out smoothly? 6. The receiving mechanism consists of 10 sets of receiving boxes. As the battery flows out of each conveyor belt, the receiving controller will start taking the pin pin when the quantity reaches a certain value. Take the battery into the material box and install it, so you don’t have to manually remove the battery from the body of the cord. The material receiving box is equipped with a photoelectric sensor and a full material detection function.When the material in the material box is full, it will prompt you to collect the material box manually. And put the empty material box on it, and the belt can cushion a certain amount during manual picking, so there is no need to stop the normal production when receiving the material The above is the introduction 18650 battery classification test function. The device structure is stable and has been mass-produced. The production efficiency at the customer’s site is also very good, and the full set of drawings is very complete
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