industrial 3D model Automatic high speed canning machine


    This is industrial 3D model Automatic high speed canning machine, Automatic high speed cartoning machine Continuous cartoning machine Automatic cartoning machine
    Working principle The filling of the automatic cartoning machine is generally divided into three entrances: the entrance of the manual, the entrance of the medicine bottle and the entrance of the carton. The entire process from carton loading to final packing can be roughly divided into four stages: a guide bar holds the carton and opens it with a push plate, while two forward-moving jammers protrude from the underneath and jams the sides of the bin from front to back, causing the box to open perpendicularly and move towards the filling area.After filling the filling area, the machine’s mechanism folds the ear into the left and right rails before performing the capping operation. Before closing the lid, the mechanism bends the carton’s latch then a push plate pushes the lid back, inserting the latch into the box and tightening the latch. The capping action is an important action, and its completion has a lot to do with the structure of the carton and the accuracy of the machine adjustment.Drawing of automatic high speed cartoning machine (full cam type), with 2 motors to perform dozens of action cycles, instructions for use, product with automatic loading into the box: contains solidworks2015 format STP XT, contains parts drawings parts drawings assembly drawings total assembly drawings Total more than 1400 parts This product is suitable for pharmaceutical aluminum-plastic sheet blocks, round bottles, anisotropic bottles, cosmetics, auto parts, toothpaste, It can automatically open the bin, fill and paste the bin and so on.The machine adopts PLC control, monitors the operation of each part by optical and electrical, automatically removes unqualified items during operation, such as abnormal, can automatically stop and display reason, for timely troubleshooting, the machine can be used alone, and also can be used together with blister packing machine and heat dissolving device or other equipment to form a complete set of Wire production line. Main performance structure features: 1, using automatic opening (suction) cans, instructions for folding, feeding, feeding, batch numbering, box sealing, waste inspection and other processes, transportation Smooth operation, low noise. 2, using PLC and man-machine interface automatic control operating system, stepless frequency conversion speed control, high degree of automation, easy to understand operation.3, Adopt international famous brand electrical components, stable and reliable performance. 4, Adopt mechanical overload automatic stop function to ensure the safety of people and machines. 5, Automatically reject packaged products that lack packaging materials or instructions to ensure the quality of packaged products. 6, with fault display, alarm and finished product counting functions, easy maintenance and fault handling. 7, According to customer’s request, we can design different automatic feeders and conveyors. 8, optional hot melt glue machine with hot melt glue spraying and sealing or hot melt glue brushing device design. 9, can be used with aluminum packing machine, pillow packing machine, filling machine, soap making machine, code injection machine (or monitoring code system), labeling machine, online weighing instrument, packing machine three-dimensional package, heat shrink packaging machine, machine bundle, other production lines, achieve docking link production. Mains Power Specifications: Three-phase five-wire AC380 volts Total output 50 Hz Production capacity 2.5 kilowatts Server operating speed: 50-120 boxes/min Gas consumption: 20 cubic meters / hour (pressure 0.5-0.8 MPa) weight: about 1.2 tons