industrial 3D model Standard 300 pillow packaging machine


    industrial 3D model of 300 standard pillow packing machine (mask packing machine) Packing machine Pillow is suitable for packing food, pharmaceutical, daily necessities, disposable products, hardware products, plastic products, toys, stationery, industrial supplies, industrial parts, automotive parts and so on, this design is specially designed for mask packing, the mask is conveyed by synchronous belt mound into the main machine, the packing film is packed from bottom to top and the packing process package is completed through middle seal, blade and other stations. The machine includes 2 servo motors and frequency converter motor As the power supply, this is a common configuration in the industry,
    Industry use: Mechanical equipment Medical equipment Innovative design
    3D model Design software: SolidWorks
    3D model Version/edit:2016 [editable, no parameters]
    3D model file format:step(stp) Sldprt Sldasm