industrial 3D model Packaging machine wraps a film on the outside of the carton


    This is industrial 3D model Packaging machine wraps a film on the outside of the carton. The 3D model of the reciprocating carton packing machine is a non-standard equipment for the automatic carton packing machine, after packing there will be three files of General Assembly Drawing as “Assembly Drawing”. assembly 11.1″. Among them, there are 179 assembly parts, 814 parts and 461 technical drawings. SW2012 design, but SolidWorks2015 opened and unpacked with a total size of 356M, may require SolidWorks2015 to open. Previously, a similar device was uploaded, which was our first generation packaging machine, and now this is the second generation packaging machine. , and the efficiency is not high, the existing piston type can continuously coat the carton without stopping. Original file provided, each part has editable parameters, relatively good design and high reference value. This is a carton packing machine with clear structure, very complete packaging, can be processed directly as shown below. Many small daily-use items are packed in cartons, this packing machine wraps a film on the outside of the cartons, and then put through a heat-shrinkable furnace to achieve a protective, moisture-proof and aesthetic effect.

    The packing machine is fully automatic, connected to the automatic assembly line in the front and connected to the heat shrinking furnace in the back. The basic structural principle is: the PE film is usually converted to C-type by transportation and other mechanisms, then the box body passes through the C-type, and then the film is eagerly cut by the horizontal welding group, and horizontal sealing element performs reciprocating motion, following the belt The box above is a constant speed (i.e. relatively static). The return stroke is a quick return stroke, after which it is excised by the side seal so that the membrane can be completely encapsulated. Then heat shrink the furnace. Please take a closer look, don’t treat me like last time and delete it as a duplicate.
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