industrial 3D model shrink wrapping machine


    This is industrial 3D model shrink wrapping machine The existing piston type can continuously cover the carton without stopping. This type of carton packaging machine has a clear structure and very complete packaging. Many small daily-use items are packaged in cartons. This packaging machine will wrap a layer of film on the outside of the carton, then pass it through a heat shrink oven to achieve protective, moisture-proof and aesthetic effects. Fully automatic packaging machine, connected to the automatic assembly line in the front and connected to the heat shrink furnace in the back. The basic structural principle is: PE film is usually converted into C type by transportation and other mechanisms, then the box body passes through C type, then the film is eagerly cut by the horizontal welding group, and The horizontal sealing element performs reciprocating motion, following the belt path. The box above is a constant velocity (that is, relatively static). The return stroke is a quick return stroke, after which it is cut off by the side sealer so that the film can be completely encased. Then heat shrink the furnace. Industrial use: Equipment Design software: SolidWorks Version/edit: file format:Sldprt Sldasm