industrial 3D model Pet plastic hot washing machine


    This is industrial 3D model Pet plastic hot washing machine Hot wash mode effectively washes PET flakes with hot water and detergent. This is specialized equipment for hot washing of crushed PET flakes from complex contaminants and colloids. you can add detergent. The washing process occurs using a rotator. The special cover design protects the sink from heat loss and the blades are specially designed to work effectively with PET Washing is the basic step in converting plastic waste into new and fresh pellets. An important issue that needs to be addressed when dealing with recycled plastic is plastic pollution from municipal landfills. Hot water allows you to add detergent and is designed to remove dirt, glue and more. PET is washed with an agitator. To ensure the highest production requirements, the design uses a three-layer insulation shell, an electric heater is installed in the outer box. The separated light fraction (fats, oils, labels, etc.) is drained through the overflow tube during the washing process. During work, it is filled with water (with a special detergent). Temperature of water/solution between polymerization and boiling temperature. Hot water softens the adhesive and keeps it in contact with the polymer surface. Grounded Pat continued in and continued unloading. During this process, the pat layer can last as long as possible and receive maximum hot water. The water heated in the polymer can be powered by various energy sources selected by the user.

    Industrial use: Equipment

    Design software: SolidWorks 2017

    file format: step(stp) Sldprt Sldasm