industrial 3D model Lane Switch Conveyor


    This industrial 3D model is a carbon steel high speed carton separation belt conveyor, which is used to transport cartons and a kind of conveying device to divert cartons. The box divider consists of a drive group, a guide group, a drive group and other mechanisms. Case dividers typically divide and ship packaged products according to a specific shipping route. Compared with other diverter conveyors, the splitter has the characteristics of more accurate separation, no product damage and faster speed. Split conveyors use non-standard conveying vehicles as conveyors. Compared with the ordinary conveyor, the split conveyor has higher requirements on the accuracy of the conveyor. Usually 1.5-2.0 times than ordinary conveyor. The split conveyor frame can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel. The surface of carbon steel parts is treated with anti-rust paint or plastic spraying.
    Industry use:Equipment
    3D model Design software: SolidWorks
    3D model Version/edit: sw2010 [editable, including parameters]
    3D model File format: Sldprt Sldasm