industrial 3D model in mold labeling robot


    This is industrial 3D model in mold labeling robot Non-standard in-mold automatic labeling controller In-mold labeling product is a process of inserting the printed composite material label into a specially structured injection mold cavity through special mechanical equipment, and using the temperature of the injected plastic to dissolve the label and the plastic into a process.It is mainly suitable for PE and PP materials.Plastic packaging products. Advantages of in-mold labeling: 1. Play a role in anti-counterfeiting, The high technical content of in-mold labeling is an effective line of defense to combat counterfeiting, mainly from the selection of high-quality raw materials, in-mold production – labeling mold to design structure and process production of production equipment and labeling molds They must be closely combined and closely coordinated with each other, and cannot be produced singly, which increases the difficulty of counterfeiting. 2. In-mold labeling can improve product quality. In-mold labeling products are more beautiful than products with silk-screen printing and out-mold labeling, the label color is brighter, and the touch is smoother. In-mold labeling products have high workability and low loss. Compared with out-of-mold labeling and screen printing products, there will be no ink drop, labels will not be warped, dropped or damaged, At the same time, it is anti-extrusion, waterproof, anti-oil and anti-mildew, anti-friction, anti-acid and alkali, resistant to heat and cooling, making the label not easy to be damaged and stained in circumstances special. The price of in-mold labeling products is similar to self-adhesive and screen printing products, using in-mold labels can improve efficiency and does not require manual labeling, which saves re-labeling production processes . Industrial use: Mechanical equipment Mold tools Design software: SolidWorks Version/edit:SW2014 file format:step(stp) Sldprt Sldasm