industrial 3D model High precision automatic glass polishing machine


    This is industrial 3D model High precision automatic glass polishing machine, Non-standard automatic high precision glass polishing machine (3D + 2D technical drawing + CAD + details BOM list)
    I. Main Applications Mainly used for high-precision double-sided grinding/polishing of sapphire, blue glass, ceramic shards, crystal, semiconductor and other hard and brittle materials, especially is for processing ultra-thin workpieces with obvious advantages.
    main function
    1. Precise pressure control: PLC + PT + electric proportional valve + low friction cylinder to achieve high precision pressure closed loop control;
    2. Upper disc damping device: dynamic and static suitable for vibration-reducing elastic connection;
    3. Precision drive system: high precision small clearance full gear transmission;
    4. Lower disc rack: high precision flat liquid bearing bracket, large bearing capacity, smooth operation, maintenance-free;
    5. The inner and outer gears adopt pin gear transmission, which prolongs the service life of the bearing and facilitates maintenance, and an interlocking gear transmission can also be used. customary;
    6. Drive system: three motors are pulled synchronously, and the speed of upper disc, lower disc, gear ring and sun wheel (that is, forward rotation and reverse rotation) can be arbitrarily set, with function formula ability.