industrial 3D model Disposable cup production equipment


    This is industrial 3D model Disposable cup production equipment. This equipment is used to produce disposable paper cups. It adopts the cam mechanism linkage principle and is extremely efficient. There are drawings and lists. It was mass-produced. Equipment included : ZWJ-
    01-00-000 _Main turntable mechanism, ZWJ-02-00-000_sub-turntable mechanism, ZWJ-03-00-000_bowl mechanism, ZWJ-04-00-000_bowl mechanism, ZWJ-05- 00-000- Transfer mechanism, ZWJ-06-00-000_Bottom feeder, ZWJ-07-00-000_Cylindrical Divider Assembly, ZWJ-08-00-000_Bottom feeder, _ Bowl stacking mechanism , ZWJ-10-00 -000_frame unit, ZWJ-11-00-000_accessory part, ZWJ-12-00-000 series bracket, bowl unloading mechanism: fixed bowl assembly, hose assembly, rack assembly, ejector bowl assembly, unloading assembly drawing and other mechanisms.
    Industry use:Equipment
    3D model Design software: SolidWorks
    3D model Version/edit:2018 [editable, with parameters]
    3D model file format:step (stp) Sldprt Sldasm SLDDRW dwg