industrial 3D model Fully automatic brick making machine


    industrial 3D model Fully automatic brick making machine drawing is a complete set of brick making industry equipment, including general assembly drawing, component assembly drawing, part drawing and standard part drawing. It is a complete set of mechanical drawings, manufacturers can directly produce. Brick machine is a general term to refer to machines and equipment for brick production in the building materials industry, producing a wide range of products such as colored bricks and cement bricks. 1. It adopts the advanced technology of German block machine, thick and stable, the weight exceeds 30% of the weight of domestic models with the same production capacity, the damping effect is remarkable. 2. Adopt Japan’s Mitsubishi computer control system, LCD touch screen to adjust parameters, equipped with data input and output devices to realize human-machine dialogue. 3. The computer control system has a self-locking function, if the previous operation is not performed, the next operation cannot be performed, avoiding wrong operation and machine damage. And remote fault diagnosis can be done via phone line. 4. The body adopts thick-walled square tube and super-long guide tube to ensure the body is sturdy and shockproof, and the pressure head moves precisely. 5. Extremely low center of gravity and vibration table 486MM from the ground, ensuring 90% of aftershocks are directed to the ground and prolonging the life of the equipment. 6. Good sync. All drill bits and demoulding frame are equipped with adjustable synchronous swing arms to ensure that the error of the drill bit and demoulding frame is within +1MM. 7. Wide range of products. With the addition of secondary material delivery device, it can simultaneously produce hollow blocks, multi-row holes, hollow bricks, curb stones, split blocks, colored pavement bricks, lawn bricks, wash bricks and other products. 8. Vibration pressure separation technology. The vibration support plate is installed, and the auxiliary pressure head is installed, and the shock-absorbing rubber gasket is installed to completely block the vibration and pressure interference. 9. Taiwan hydraulic valve and cooler are used to ensure the hydraulic system’s reliable operation and low failure rate. 10. The claw forced feeding device is used to completely solve the problem of difficult feeding of thin-walled products (thickness less than 20MM). Download +2000 Design CAD file: Filling Machine, Packing Machine, CNC Machine, mask making machine, labeling machine, production line, automatic assembly line, automatic screw driver, shrink wrapping machine, ABB robot arm, tube bending machine, polishing machine, tablet press , Paper cup making machine, Plastic bottle sorter, Conveyor, freight machine, Bottle cap screwing machine, Silk screen printing machine, #fillingmachine #packingmachine #conveyor #cncmachine #labelingmachine #screenprintingmachine #screw #robotarm #cupmakingmachine #cupmachine #polishingmachine #assembly #car #cars 11. Vibrating spindle adopts universal joint transmission shaft transmission mode to ensure accurate transmission speed. Long service life, avoiding frequent belt replacement of the belt drive. 12. All models adopt a frequency converter to fully realize the non-stop rotation of the spindle motor, thus fundamentally solving the problem of temperature rise of the spindle motor. 13. Adopt vibrating force adjustment system, each block host can be adjusted by various kinds of vibration force, to shorten the vibration time, improve product compactness and save cement. 14. Adopting the overall frame adjustment method of the case, all parameters can be adjusted just by rotating the 2 screw machines and adjusting the distance of the proximity switch. 15. The excitation force is strong, the amplitude is up to 2mm and the excitation acceleration is up to 15g, so that the material can be formed quickly in about 2 seconds and the cement is completely liquefied. rate, packing strength can be increased by one level.
    3D model Design software: SolidWorks
    3D model Version/edit: Solidworks2012 [editable, including parameters]
    3D model file format:step(stp) Sldprt Sldasm