industrial 3D model CNC lathe arm


    industrial 3D model CNC lathe operator (two-arm manipulator) CNC lathe operator Two-arm CNC manipulator and one machine share the same mechanical equipment. The CNC lathe manipulator is a two-arm manipulator. The total length of the operator is 6 meters. One operator is responsible for controlling the loading and unloading operations of two CNC machines. The operator takes the product from the tray and processes it in the CNC. The automatic loading and unloading manipulator is mainly suitable for people, and clamps and unloads metal products such as long cylinders and short rods, the feeding tray can hold about 100 products, and the finished products are delivered to as a small carousel next to the silo. After the CNC machining is completed, the operator picks up and unloads the material while the chuck rotates, and the two loading and unloading jobs are performed simultaneously. The finished product after being removed is put on the conveyor belt and flowed into the goal. Products.
    This set of drawing designs reflects a high degree of automation.
    Industry use: Mold mechanical equipment
    3D model Design software: SolidWorks
    3D model Version/edit:SolidWorks2013
    3D model file format:step(stp) Sldprt Sldasm