Powder blending machine


    Dough mixer is a kind of pasta making machine, its main function is to mix flour and water evenly. There are vacuum mixers and vacuum mixers. Divided into horizontal, vertical, single-axis, dual-axis, half-axis, etc. The machine is composed of mixing cylinder, stirring hook, transmission device, electric box, machine base and other parts. The spiral stirring hook is driven by the actuator to rotate in the mixing cylinder, and at the same time the mixing cylinder is driven by the actuator to rotate at a constant speed. The dough in the barrel is continuously pushed, pulled, kneaded, pressed, fully stirred and rapidly mixed so that the dry dough is evenly hydrated, the gluten expands and becomes a dough with uniform elasticity, elasticity and flow. certain.
    Industry use: Equipment
    Design software: AutoCAD-ZWCAD
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