Insulation film barcode PET protective film laminating machine


    This is Insulation film barcode PET protective film laminating machine This device is an all-in-one device for PET tape labeling machine and soft pack battery labeling machine. Applicable products are: lithium battery, polymer battery, Film pasting, labeling and barcoding of various types of power batteries soft pack…the device mainly applies film to the battery surface through the film loading tray. This film feeder can also be used in the packaging industry because it is a set of standard mechanisms and is also very stable. When the battery enters from the conveyor belt, the battery operator will pick up the product and place it on the secondary positioning slide of the film application station, then the slide module at the bottom will move the battery to the film application position, and then start to peel off the film and slide the Group table mold out to roll and compress while pasting. This type of laminating machine basically has no air bubbles when pasting, the pasting effect is very good and the membrane is fast. The film pasting position is on the roll film., the product is fixed on the positioning chair, and the module controller moves to the film pasting position, then the film pasting machine first applies the film to the battery surface. The module is moved out and rolling while walking, it is called roll film gluing machine, so this method is applied, there will be no air bubbles on the surface of the pasted film, after pasting the film, the processing robot will take the battery to another station for labeling and barcoding. Before pasting here, an aluminum shell will be installed in the middle of the battery, this shell is also created by the Operator taking and installing the battery module, then the operator taking the battery module to label, and then turn and turn over for battery module assembly and other working processes. This equipment can also be used in various industries for film lamination, PET protective battery lamination Parameters Main technical specifications of the labeling machine: type specifications Overall size of the machine: 3850*1720*1700MM (L*W*H) input voltage: AC—220V 50Hz or AC—380V 50Hz optional Maximum capacity of the machine: 0.5KW (at 220V) Input air source pressure: 0.4-0.6 Mpa Air consumption: 1.5 L / min Production efficiency (C/T): ≤ 3.0 S/one device Loading rate: ≥95% Processing method: Automatic detection, automatic pressing, automatic output Refueling method: manual refueling programming method: fix Change touch screen parameters. Industrial use: Mechanical Equipment Design software: SolidWorks 2012 file format:Sldprt Sldasm