industrial 3D model Vertical bag filling machine


    This is industrial 3D model Vertical bag filling machine Vertical pouch filling machine is widely used in canning washing powder and nozzle jelly. Automatically closes the box, automatically locks the lid, automatically closes the bottom lid, and automatically opens the bag. Canned quickly and accurately. Filling machine is mainly a small product in packaging machine. From the perspective of packaging materials, it can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, granule filling machine; from the level of production automation. is divided into semi-automatic filling machine and fully automatic filling production line. Recently, with QS food certification, cooking oil manufacturers have begun to pay attention to product quality and packaging, so oil filling machines have a prominent position in filling machines. Industrial use: Equipment Design software: SolidWorks Version/edit:2018 file format:Sldprt Sldasm