industrial 3D model Tape forming machine


    This is industrial 3D model Tape forming machine After completing the electrical and gas connection of the tape packaging machine, if it is thermal packaging, let the knife rise to the appropriate temperature and adjust the pressure of the carrier tape and the air source. Use a manual or automatic loading device to place the SMD components onto the carrier tape, and a rotating motor to pull the masking tape forming the carrier tape to the packaging position. In this position, the masking tape is on top and the carrier tape above the bottom.On the masking tape and carrier tape, make the masking tape cover the SMD component opening on the carrier tape, to achieve the purpose of packaging SMD components. The tray then receives the packed carrier tape. Industrial use: Equipment Design software: SolidWorks Version/revision:SolidWorks 2022 file format: SLDPRT SLDASM