industrial 3D model Petroleum filling machine


    This is industrial 3D model Petroleum filling machine This machine is suitable for filling liquids such as fruit juices, spices, cosmetics, laundry products, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, petroleum products, etc. Both main motor and bottle conveyor adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, easy to operate. Ultrasonic liquid level control system is used to effectively control the liquid level in the tank, making the filling process more stable and accurate. With safety device for intake valve: when the valve is blocked, high pressure supply fluid can be released through the safety device to avoid damage to the valve body. Equipped with precise filling volume adjustment device. Equipped with automatic mechanical and electrical overload protection devices. Automatic bottle detection system: detects whether there are bottles on the conveyor and automatically starts or stops (customer optional). It has the function of an automatic bottle discharge obstacle detection system (customer option). During filling, always maintain an equal distance between the valve spout and the liquid surface. The filling casing can also be designed so that the valve spout is immersed in or out of the liquid depending on the type of bottle and raw material liquid, effectively avoids the phenomenon of liquid foaming. Automatically monitors whether there is a bottle under each filling valve and automatically controls the opening of the filling valve, automatically avoiding the loss of filling materials due to filling without a bottle. Industrial use: Mechanical equipment Chemical pipelines Design software: SolidWorks file format:Sldprt Sldasm