industrial 3D model Multi function massage chair


    This is industrial 3D model Multi function massage chair The core components of massage chairs mainly include movements, guide rails, motors, materials, etc. Function introduction: fully automatic multi-function space massage chair, zero gravity capsule design to experience weightless space, multiple motors and motors work at the same time, can realize detection optocoupler, foot roller, waist and hip massage, listen to music, tap on the back and other functions, adjust the massage speed by controlling the motor, cooperate with L-shaped rail and walk along Follow the guide rail through the walking motor to deeply massage the muscles all over the body. The heating air bag is designed according to ergonomics, covering the entire body and pressing round, heating the soft skin and scalp, creating a comfortable feeling for the person lying on it. Drawing introduction: The product structure design of this model includes all plastic parts, sheet metal parts, motors, electrical arrangements, etc. High-end surface design, plastic product structure design, beautiful design.

    Industrial use: Mechanical equipment

    Design software: SolidWorks 2017

    file format: Sldprt Sldasm