industrial 3D model mop handle injection mold


    This is industrial 3D model mop handle injection mold In order to shorten the molding cycle, the tooth core has also been cooled, and the structure is stable and has no hidden dangers! The product is a mop with 4 exit holes, a three-plate mold is used to inject glue into the nozzle, on the outside of the product there are two ridges so the slider is used to touch the slider, inside there are product screw teeth, and The oil cylinder with rack is used to pull the tooth core to rotate and release automatically. Thread structure; combined mold structure: convulsing cylinder rack and rotating gear to guide the core back (the bottom of the core is fixed by a nut, and the retreat part of the core is guided by a nut). Mold action: before opening the dividing surface, the core retreats, then opens the nozzle. Then, open the dividing surface behind the panel and push the panel to eject the product.

    Industrial use: Mold

    file format: step(stp) Prt