industrial 3D model Automatic screw mounting machine


    This is industrial 3D model Automatic screw mounting machine. This fully automatic assembly and testing machine is composed of feeding mechanism, plastic inspection, screw and nut assembly, plastic deflection and collection of good and defective products. Its function integrates the functions of assembly machine, feeding mechanism, checking mechanism, conveyor feeding and discharging device, vibrating plate and so on. The 3D model designed by Solidworks software provides sldasm﹑sldprt source files, as well as the output of SLDDRW, DWG and other engineering drawings. The organization is relatively mature and worth learning from.
    [Tested by admin, this model can only be used for reference and cannot be edited or saved, but it is well structured and worth a reference. Do not like it]
    Industry use: Equipment
    3D model Design software: SolidWorks
    3D model File format:Sldprt Sldasm SLDDRW dwg