industrial 3D model AGV truck


    This industrial 3D model AGV truck is designed to serve the loading and unloading of goods of today’s automobile assembly plants, currently mainly used in Japanese factories, because the company specializes in AGV trucks for auto factories, hundreds of these models have been mass-produced, the drawings contain 3D, 2D technical drawings. Including the commonly used BOM of the AGV vehicle, it can basically be processed according to the drawing! Note: Standard parts have no parameters!

    Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV for short), refers to a vehicle equipped with automatic guidance devices such as electromagnetic or optical, capable of driving along a specified guide line, has various safety protection and switching functions, in industrial applications Trucks do not require drivers to use rechargeable batteries as power source. In general, computers can be used to control the route
    and its movement behavior or use electromagnetic lines (electromagnetic line tracking system) to establish its travel route. Electromagnetic lines are plastered on the floor and driverless trucks follow the path given by electromagnetic lines with Motion and action messages.
    Industry use:Equipment
    3D model Design software: SolidWorks
    3D model Version/edit:2014 Editable, with parameters】
    3D model file format:Sldprt Sldasm SLDDRWOthers _