industrial 3D model ACF Automatic Labeling Machine


    Description of industrial 3D model ACF automatic labeling machine:
    1. Cut the sticker (cut the whole thing)
    2. The movement process is: cut the sticker, suck it with the suction cup, heat and attach the pressure head, and exit
    3. The temperature of the pressure head is 100-200 degrees and the maximum is not more than 300 degrees, the material can use mold steel
    4. FPC positioning mechanism is required, and the longest FPC does not exceed 100MM
    5. It is made into a desktop attachment machine and the existing one is 800X700X1500 too big
    6. Vacuum generator is required for adsorption
    Industry use: Equipment
    Design software: SolidWorks
    Version/edit: SW2016
    File format: Sldprt Sldasm