industrial 3D model robotic CNC milling system


    This is industrial 3D model robotic CNC milling system The workstation adopts a special quick-change fixing method (total of 10 sets). The quick-change fixture is equipped with a special storage rack. The bottom of the quick-change fixed storage rack with wheels can be moved artificially. The robot controls the electric milling head to mill the workpiece and has a set of milling equipment. Milling equipment includes 1: electric milling head (Hitec), 2 end mill holders; multiple 3-blade/4-blade milling cutters; the system provides a special end mill grinder for grinding the bottom edge of the end mill which can automatically compensate for the corresponding height difference through tool setting tool detection when the milling cutter is changed replacement or worn milling cutter; a degaussing unit is installed in the system, which can demagnetize the power milling head in a specified time, and the fixture The mounting base can be compatible with a wide range of products.Each product is installed through a specification. Quick change position. The system protection fence is assembled with profiled aluminum assembly frame and inlaid with 36.5*36.5*2.5 black protective mesh and PC strength board. The system protection fence uses a reverse-opening type of safety door, explosion-proof LED lights are installed on both sides of the system protection fence to provide lighting for the system, on the right of the fence to protect the system. The system is installed with a tool handle that prevents the frame and the tool setting tool, and at the position of the tool handle there is a position indicator installed. A convenient detection switch for the robot to automatically switch hands Tool grip and quick instrument calibration. Industry use: Mechanical equipment Mold tooling Design software: SolidWorks Version/edit:2017 File format: Sldprt Sldasm