industrial 3D model Woodworking dust collection silo set


    This is industrial 3D model Woodworking dust collection silo set, scraper type self-cleaning environmental protection dust collector, including assembled dust collection box, screw conveyor, assembled dust discharge valve, Z-type scraper conveyor, material bin, etc. Dust from multiple dust points in each workshop is captured, dust-containing gas is sucked into the dust collector through the main dust suction pipe, filtered with high-density filter material, dust and gas are separated, the gas is clean friendly with the medium is discharged into the air through the dust extraction fan, and the dust particles are removed. The screw conveyor at the bottom of the filter, ash discharge valve and scraper conveyor are transported to the container for storage, at the same time the material The filter material of the dust collector is cleaned by real-time compressed air reverse pulse spraying

    Industrial use: Equipment

    Design software: SolidWorks 2015

    file format: Sldprt Sldasm